The Holiday Feels

‘Tis the season to be jolly….and anxious.

This is the perfect time of year for catastrophe.  The holidays prove to be a magical, beautiful, but sometimes futile experience.  How can we tip toe through the egg shells of family drama, cravings for alcohol when everyone around you seems to be drinking the spiked nog, and the endless struggle to maintain self care – while caring for all those around you?

Don’t get me wrong.  I am enjoying myself fully this year so far.  I have been amazingly blessed with weekends with my love, my family, and staying sober. It has been incredible.  However, it is the little stuff that adds up throughout that can cause explosions. I am not anticipating any personally this year, as I feel I have been very cautious and being dedicated to the work I need to do for myself. AA meetings, every other week counseling sessions – really, whatever I have had to do to build my muscles in order to be stronger during the hard times.

This post is for the ones out there who are in the earlier stages of sobriety, and whose strength is there – but is still buried underneath insecurity and bigger demons.  I believe in you all.  My advice to you is to stay surrounded with those you trust.  This does not always mean family.  Call on a friend, your doctor, counselor – or walk right into an AA meeting and I can guarantee that you are not alone.  If you cannot stand to be in your own skin, get out of it by being of service to someone else around you who may need something.  The feeling of helping another during this time could lift you up.

There are moments where the trip through is long, dark, and lonely. Being uncomfortable with thoughts, feelings, and emotions is extremely difficult at times – we naturally want to run from it and pretend everything is a-ok…but that will not get us anywhere, I can tell you from experience.  At this point – try to embrace being different, try to see the light that you are shining into the world by being here and not succumbing to what life throws at you. 

If there is anything I can do for you out there reading, reach out… I would be happy to help.

So much love