Hi – I am still here :)

How did your holiday season pan out?  Was it what you hoped for?  Did the family time, food prep and eating plan work for you?  How about your sobriety?

Now that we are a little over a week into the new year, I suppose it is a great time to reflect on what just happened.  The holidays – and really just the past year in general.  I personally cannot believe all that was accomplished during that one year of 2018. It was full of preparation, love, and also some strife.  I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.

I have stopped thinking daily about alcohol.  This is a recent revelation for me.  I do not have dinner out or at home with the “hmm this would taste better with a beer” thought chirping in my brain.  How did that happened?  I am grateful for this. For those of you rolling your eyes thinking it’s impossible for you to go a day without, this is proof that it is! That doesn’t mean it NEVER crosses my mind, but I don’t miss it. 

Throughout all of our Christmas festivities (which there were SO MANY) – with all the wine, beer, champagne – I always had an out. I was prepared.  That is so important to do in times like these.  Whether you prepare yourself and leave when the alcohol arrives, separate yourself from the temptation, make mocktails, etc.  You, are entirely up to you.  Emotions run high and a lot of “fuck it” or “I can’t deal” thoughts are subsequent. I can promise that if you had a tough time, you were not alone in it, even if it felt that way.  I was blown away and so honored when a friend texted me on New Year’s Eve stating that if she didn’t reach out to me, she would have had no accountability and she knows drinking that night would be unsafe and a bad choice for her.  I was so proud – because even though she felt weak, she was actually insanely strong for doing that.  It warmed me to know that she was in the headspace to go outside herself to stay where she knew she needed to be ❤


-Reaching out

-Knowing your limits

All of these are key to embracing your sobriety and succeeding during the tough times!


We are heading to Mexico for a 4 day, all inclusive concert vacation at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Mayan Riviera at the end of this month…..I KNOW! IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING. One of our favorite musicians, Brandi Carlile is putting on a all female headliner festival to prove that WOMEN ROCK!  I am so excited for the warm weather, beach yoga and all the other festivities.  I also for some crazy reason submitted a singing video for a karaoke contest, and I got picked with 9 other people….sooo I will have to go on stage with Brandi and sing one of her songs with her and her band….again – I KNOW!  I am trying not to let that stress me out, and instead just look at it as a once in a lifetime chance, and who cares if I end up sounding horrible because I’m so nervous.

Back to the all inclusive resort thing – obviously this means alcohol.  Now, I am not very worried about it, because I know they will have many choices for mocktails and I love me a good mocktail.  I did however feel curious and knew I couldn’t be (and didn’t want to feel like) I was the only one out there. So, I reached out to the Facebook group of people who are also going. Turns out – there are many sober people attending!! Many of them want to have a little meet up, which will be so fun! Can’t wait to update you all on that.

I am ready for this year to be one of ease, growing my own personal emotional and physical strength, and taking things one step at a time. We want to save more money, do work on our house, and enjoy our life!!  Last year was incredible in all it’s forms; but we are ready for  a year that is a little more boring and smooth sailing.

Until next time – thank you so much for being here for me


Jen gave me a Ukulele for Christmas! Been practicing 🥰
One of our many Christmas celebrations!
Cutting down our first tree for the new house!



One thought on “Hi – I am still here :)

  1. What a sweet note. Congratulations on a wonderful, smart, festive, alcohol-free holiday! Enjoy Mexico. How smart to reach out to the FB group and locate other sober people on the trip — I’m guessing that will turn out to have been a godsend to more than one other person in the group…. thanks for helping shift the culture toward nondrinking as normal….. 🙂

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